Call for articles in IEEE CS R10 Newsletter

IEEE Computer Society R10 has started publishing a quarterly newsletter from 2021. With the latest issue of Jan-Mar 2022, we have brought out five issues of the newsletter so far. Our next issue is for Apr-Jun 2022.

To continue in serving our members with quality inputs on the recent developments in technologies and sharing best practices in the industry, we seek articles from professionals, academic faculty & students.

The following are our expectations wrt articles for publishing in the IEEE CS R10 Newsletter.

We seek & encourage articles of general interest and application-oriented in nature that explain new technologies and their adoption to provide solutions to real-world problems and also aimed at achieving sustainability goals. While we are not keen on articles related to specific products,  reviews/comparisons of products are fine when certain technologies are featured.

Policy, Guidelines, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Change Management, Technology Leadership oriented articles are also welcome.

As the newsletter gets circulated among IEEE Computer Society members (CSE/IT/ECE students, faculty & professionals)  in the Asia Pacific Region and select leadership of IEEE CS across the globe,  we desire the focus of the articles to be broad-based and not confined to any specific geography,  unless very essential. 

Pl, note the newsletter is not a research publication and is not indexed anywhere except it gets archived on the society’s website. 

Further, the submissions are not peer-reviewed and are also not subjected to plagiarism checks. The authors are expected to make sure that their contributions are original and meet the copyright obligations if any.

We wish to get the title &  outline/abstract of the proposed article in advance, to avoid duplication of the technology/application focus and also to get confirmation from us to plan writing it. Please send them to

The articles can be 4-5 pages in about 2500 words and to meet some standard publishing guidelines  at

Our forthcoming issue is for the 2nd quarter, Apr-Jun 2022. The article deadline is 30th May 2022 or earlier to facilitate pre-processing.

For your ready reference and to get an idea on the type of articles & the format of our newsletter, the details of our earlier issues are provided below:

IEEE CS R10 Newsletter Issues

Jan-Mar 2022: Vol 2 No 1


Full issue (82 pages):

Oct-Dec 2021: Vol 1 No 4


Full issue (102 pages):

Jul-Sep 2021: Vol 1 No 3


Full issue (78 pages):

Apr-Jun 2021: Vol 1 No 2


Full issue (66 pages):

Jan-Mar 2021: Vol 1 No 1


Full issue (48-pages):

We look forward to your contribution to share your knowledge & experience among the peers at IEEE CS and others interested.

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HR Mohan
Editor, IEEE CS R10 Newsletter
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