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Message from Regional Coordinator, R10 IEEE Computer Society

Dear R10 IEEE Computer Society Members,

It has been more than a year we are facing the current global medical and health challenges due to ongoing pandemic. We are witnessing many alarming situations in several countries within Region 10 (Asia Pacific). I express my sincere concern to members and families who have been affected by this pandemic. I would like to advice members to take all the necessary safety measures on Covid-19 and adhere to the SOPs issued by local governments or authorities.

Despite all these challenges pandemic has brought upon us, it does not stop our volunteers to arrange more programs for our
members. Numerous excellent programs to engage members for their professional and technical development has been done in last few months. We hope that continuous exposure of our activities will not only benefit the current members, but also attract new members to IEEE Computer Society.

We have appointed two new Area Coordinators; Prof. Shigeru Yamashita for Northern Area and Dr. David Tien for Australian and New Zealand Area. We take this opportunity to welcome the newly appointed Area Coordinators and I hope they can support the Chapter activities and increase membership in both Northern and Australian & New Zealand Areas.

We are the largest and fastest-growing region in IEEE Computer Society. We have formed 7 new Student Branches across
Region 10 in 2021 and some applications are in the pipeline for approval.

The IEEE Computer Society Grant was announced in July 2021. A total of $15,200.00 is allocated under this Grant for Region 10 Computer Chapters. Professional and Student Chapters in Region 10 are encouraged to apply this Grant to create and support more programs for their members. As of 31 August 2021, 32 Chapters (including Student Chapters) have applied for this Grant. Please contact your respective Chapter Chairs for details about this Grant.

I would like to thank all the members for your continuous support and organising many programs for the benefit of the members despite the present challenging situation. I hope the pandemic will over soon and there will be a better tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Mohamed Rawidean Mohd Kassim
Regional Coordinator
IEEE Computer Society, Region 10

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